Please come and join us to celebrate the opening of the first Kyudojo in Florida and the 4th traditional Kyudojo in the United States!  Help us to promote friendship and cooperation among leaders and enthusiasts of the Japanese martial arts. This is a special invitation to the Budo community and to all IKYF members - past or present.  Kyudoka from all ranks are welcome to Join in this unique participation and training opportunity. This is also a great event to prepare for the International Seminar in June. 

Join us for Three Days of training, friendship and camaraderie!

 Date               : February 8 ~ 10, 2019
Location        : Kashimon Dojo, 37114 N Thrill Hill Road Eustis Florida 32736
                            (10 minutes from downtown Mt Dora and 45 minutes north of Walt Disney World)

Instructors      : Aaron Blackwell Sensei, Nanadan, Kyoshi
                          Edwin Symmes Sensei, Godan, Renshi
                          Reiko Blackwell Sensei, Godan, Renshi
Dojo Biraki
Friday, Feb. 8
9:00 am           : Welcome
                             Shinto Purification Ceremony- Kato Kannushi, Shinto Priest Daizafu Tenman-gu - Fukuoka prefecture Japan
                             Kabura Ya shoot
9:45 am           : Yawatashi Sharei Kyudo Demonstration
10:15 am          : Shotokan Karate Demonstration
10:40 am         : Toyama Ryu Iaido and tameshigiri Demonstration
11:00am           : Kodokan Judo Demonstration
12:00 pm         : Catered Lunch
1:30 pm           : Kyudoka 5 person formal shooting
4:15 pm          : Ceremonial Sake tasting
4:45 pm         :  Biraki conclusion
5:30 pm         : Dinner
7:00 pm         : Social
 Saturday, Feb. 9- Kyudo Seminar
8:45 am          : warm up/taiso
9:00 am         : Bow in and Announcements
9:15 am          : Sharei
10:00 am       : Tai-hai with Shogo Led instruction
12:00 pm       : Lunch
1:00 pm         : Shinto Educational Presentation
2:00 pm        : Tai-hai and Shogo led instruction           
5:00 pm        : Seminar day end
5:30 pm        : Dinner
7:00 pm        : Bonfire and Fellowship
 Sunday, Feb. 10- Kyudo Seminar
8:45 am           : Warm Up/taiso
9:00 am          : Bow In, Announcements
9:15 am            : Sharei
9:30 am          : Tai-hai with particular instruction on hadanuge, hadaire, and tasuki movements from attending Shogo
10:45 am          : Adv. Training by Aaron Blackwell Kyoshi Nanadan
12:00 pm         : Lunch
1:00 pm           : “Official” Seminar End
2:00 pm          : Open shooting / Enteki practice
4:00 pm          : Dojo Enteki Competition
5:00 pm          : Day end
5:30 pm          : Dinner
 *Note: This is a tentative schedule. The order of the sessions may change to accommodate the instructors or participants. Please continue to view this page for updates.
Participation/ Attendee Fees: 
·         Biraki: $25/25
·         Saturday Seminar : $35/10
·         Sunday Seminar: $30/10
·         Full Participation: $90/45
Registration   : Please reserve your space by sending your registrations (Max 40 persons) by e-mail to
Attention: Students may pay via Paypal (add 5%)or when you check in at the Seminar.
                        Make checks payable to Chelsey Velilla.
Dress Code   : All seminar participants must wear their full uniform according to grade. Monski can be worn by anyone at the Biraki.
Airports          : You have three options based on your travel itinerary:
                        1) Orlando International Airport (MCO). Be aware that there is a 50 minute drive from MCO to Eustis, where all the activities will take place.
                        2) Orlando/Sanford International Airport (SFB). Be aware that there is a 40 minute drive from SFB to Eustis, where all the activities will take place.
                        3) Driving- GPS.
Transportation: You must arrange your own transportation. There are major rental car companies at each of the main airports mentioned above. If several participants are arriving and leaving at once then arrangements are possible for pickup/dropoff at the airport--- Arrangements must be made in advance.
Accommodations: There are several options:
1) Lakeside INN-A historic, picturesque hotel since 1883. (about $209 a night) 352-383-4101
2) Hampton Inn – Mount Dora- (about $169 a night) 352-383-4267
3) Various Bed and Breakfasts in Mt Dora (about $135 a night)
4) AirBNB Mt Dora (about $55 a night)
---Limited Accommodations are available above the dojo at a low rate.
                                            For More Information or Questions, please contact:
Sabastian Velilla at (407) 473-8859
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