The Kashimon Dojo has built a traditional Japanese 6 tatami  tea room with tokonoma and nijirguchi to host future Tea Ceremony Classes. We are currently in discussion  with the Urasenke society for kyojō 許状 (permission to study) and to host instructors at the dojo who can eventually provide us with appropriate certification.

he study of chado will help students not only to broaden their understanding of Japanese culture, but also to enrich their daily lives by providing values that are very much needed in today's world. These include consideration and thoughtfulness for others; awareness of nature and the seasons; and the cultivation of discretion, gracefulness, and a spirit of hospitality.

The coursework will most likely be composed of week long intensives throughout the year in order to reach a tenable level. Priority to attend the Tea certification course will be given to those already associated to the dojo by common organizations (i.e. IKYF, JKA, IMAF, TIBDR) or by case by case basis. Please send us an email if you are interested in order to add you to our future list.

​​The four principles of Chanoyu: